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I am delighted to welcome Jordan Ford (who also writes as Melissa Pearl) on the blog today 🙂


Welcome, Jordan. Tell us a little bit about you…

I’m an author in love with romance 🙂

I have been making up stories since before I can remember and I started writing in my early twenties. I write under two names: Jordan Ford and also Melissa Pearl. Between them I have a collection of around 30 books ranging in romance genres from Urban Fantasy to Romantic Suspense to Contemporary Romance.

I get so much joy out of writing books and it is such a huge privilege to be able to share them with people.


Your inspiration for Shoot the Gap?

There’s nothing like a friends to lovers romance, and when the opportunity came up for me to include Shoot The Gap in the Big Play Novels Series, I jumped all over it. Sammy and Tyler provided the perfect characters for me to wrap up the series. I love Sammy so much. She’s a kick-ass chick. I so wish I could have been her in high school – LOL 🙂

Initially, I wasn’t going to write a fourth book but I fell in love with Sammy while writing The Red Zone and I knew I had to add a fourth book to the mix. In the end, it came together perfectly with Sammy and Tyler being instrumental in outing “the bad guy” and wrapping up the series 🙂


Which part of writing about young love do you enjoy the most and why?

There’s something so magical about young love. It’s intense and all-consuming. I love how passionate so many teenagers are. They have their whole lives ahead of them…so much hope. But they’re also trying to work out how to be an adult and I love walking that journey with them. Falling in love is such an amazing thing and it’s even more powerful when you’re young 🙂


Where and when do you write?

I write almost every day… even if it’s just one chapter. I do most of my writing in my office. It’s my sanctuary and I’m very happy there 🙂


Are you a planner or a pantser?

Planner – all the way. In fact, I’ll often plan out an entire series before even starting the first book. There’s always room for movement within my plans, but I like to know where I’m going 😉


Do you do any research? If so, any sites or sources you care to share?

Yes – I tend to research as I need the information. I always start with Google and then go from there. If something medical is involved, one of my good friend’s is a nurse, so I start with her. My brother was also instrumental in helping me get the football stuff right in these Big Play Novels 😀


Do you read inside your genre or out when writing?

I like to read a variety of genres…as long as romance is involved! In saying that, I have less time for reading these days, so I tend to stick with my favorite genres which is Romantic Suspense – either YA or Adult, I don’t mind. I just love the genre so much. I also LOVE YA Contemp Romance so I have a lot of them on my kindle too!


Your author heroes?

I have a few key people that have inspired me throughout the years. When I first was interested in writing, I was reading a lot of Francine Rivers books. That woman KNOWS how to craft a story. She’s such an amazing writer and her early work in particular is outstanding. Same goes for Dee Henderson. Her early stuff is some of my favorite!

I’m also a huge Nora Roberts fan and I love Simone Elkeles too! My go-to authors (as in, I buy their books whenever they come out) are Cambria Hebert and Anna Cruise. Love their stuff and their style so much 🙂


Thank you, Jordan, for joining us today.


You can connect with Jordan Ford on her website, Facebook, and Amazon page, as well as on the Melissa Pearl website.



The Handoff is available on Amazon UK and Amazon US.