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Genre: Children’s, fantasy

Stars: 5

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The Blurb:

Everything is topsy-turvy in Goblin world and Matty, the Goblin Princess, just doesn’t fit in! Her mum, the Goblin Queen, is always telling her to un-tidy her room and eat up her slug porridge (yee-uk!). Most of all goblins HATE nice things, including their enemies the sparkly Forest Fairies.

Smoky the Dragon Baby:
Matty has a problem. Her new pet baby dragon, Smoky, is far too good and her parents, the Goblin King and Queen, are threatening to send him away! But Smoky is her best friend – can she find a way to make him naughty enough to keep? She just might need the Forest Fairies’ help…


My Review:

A lovely book filled with naughtiness, baby dragons, and adventure, illustrated with delightful pictures.

When the Goblin Princess, Matty, acquires a new baby dragon, her parents are adamant that he is too good to keep. Can Matty convince them that he is naughty enough… when he isn’t?

Despite the fact that it is a decent-sized children’s book, we read it through in one sitting and the kids have been badgering me for a re-read since. A well-written story with a witty ring to it, there are also underlying themes of belonging and tolerance. Each page has at minimum a small illustration at the bottom, with some larger pictures on others (all beautiful), and the story is pacy but fun. A wonderful book for young readers (and older readers too!).

*I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for my honest review