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Genre: New adult, contemporary, action, suspense, romance, coming-of-age

Stars: 4

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The Blurb:

Sergeant at Arms for a deadly club of drug traffickers doesn’t sound like the ideal job for a nineteen-year-old girl…

But Sasha Ashby has never been typical, and she’s waited her entire life to sew a club patch on her leather jacket. Raised on violence and crime as part of Ashby Holler Trucking, while hiding her own dirty little secret, Sasha knows she can handle anything.

Now there’s a spot open at the table, and Sasha will do anything to secure it—including betray herself…

Her best friend and fellow prospect, Vinny, devises a stupidly brilliant plan—they fake a relationship. It’s a match the club president, who happens to be Sasha’s mother, has longed to see. It’s a good idea, in theory. Vinny knows she’s into girls, and what’s a little sex between friends? The ruse works well, elevating her in line for the coveted position, until Vinny’s older brother Dez gets out of jail and breezes into her seat.

There’s something about Dez that Sasha can’t shake…

She should hate him. It’s only natural after he snatched away her opportunity of a lifetime. But the instant Dez locks his fierce gaze on her, Sasha’s world turns upside down. In the midst of a war with a rival biker gang, Sasha must figure out what she needs most. Is it the gentle touch of her best friend Vinny, the savage hold of his dangerous brother, or the soft skin of the many women who crawl into the cab of her semi?

The timing couldn’t be worse, but the lies, deceit, and death that dwell in Ashby Holler wait for no woman.


My Review:

Suspense, violence, romance, sex, drugs, and coming-of-age, all with a strong female lead, this is action-packed new adult with attitude to spare.

Sasha knows what she wants: girls and the Sergeant at Arms position. Too bad she can’t have either, thanks to her position as an Ashby and the return of her best friend’s brother, Dez. But Vinny, her best friend and pretend lover (for club appearances only, obviously. Or is he?) has other plans. As do the rival gang that are encroaching on Ashby territory. And so the fun begins.

The pace on this was of the high-octane variety, of the type that kept you turning the pages to find out what happens next. The characterisation was strong, despite the pace, and was of the type that had you invested in Sasha and her messed-up lifestyle and aims from the first page. The plot was straightforward but told with passion and urgency. Recommended.

*I received a review copy from the New Adult Book Club on Goodreads. This is my honest review.