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Genre: Children’s

Stars: 4

Links: Amazon UK, Amazon US, and direct from the publisher.


The Blurb:

Do you have a pet? Meet a little boy who has the most incredible pet snake called Jake. Join them both for a party adventure!

My Pet Snake is one of the first titles in a new range of children’s books launched by Urbane Publications.


My Review:

Amusing and fun, this rhyming story of a boy with a pet snake, and their adventures together, is one enjoyable read.

Opening with the snake being taken on a walk, the story continued with wit and, most importantly, a ability to keep the children’s interest. The illustrations added to the story, with my children finding the snake’s expressions especially funny. The rhyming was simple and flowing, and therefore great for having the children read along to. But I especially enjoyed the plot, which centred around people’s (understandable!) reactions to Jake (the snake) and the boy’s constant exasperation at them. A fun read – recommended.