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the undoing project

Genre: Non-fiction, popular science, economics, business

Stars: 5

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The Blurb:

In 1969 two men met on a university campus. Their names were Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky. They were different in every way. But they were both obsessed with the human mind – and both happened to be geniuses. Together, they would change the way we see the world.


My Review:

I’m a big fan of Michael Lewis’ writing, and he did not disappoint with this latest read. The human stories behind the great breakthough in making economics applicable to the real world, this is a modern non-fiction classic.

With complex concepts explained with a simplicity that my 5-year-old could grasp, yet with poetic language that’s worthy of fiction’s highest accolades, this is a book that I galloped through, not wanting to put down until all the strands came together. Humourous, sad, and poignant, it charts the ups and downs of a friendship that survived war, marriages, new friendships changing the dynamics, multiple relocations, and jealousy. It is a book about humanity’s strengths and weaknesses, and how, by working together, we can expand our knowledge of the world and our interactions. Highly recommended.