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I am delighted to welcome Amy Lynch, author of Bride Without A Groom, to the blog today.

Besides her debut novel, Amy has published articles in Women’s Way, TV Choice Magazine, Sunday Times, and The Irish Examiner’. She is represented by literary agent, Frank Fahy.


Welcome, Amy. Tell us a little bit about you…

I am an Irish author of humorous women’s fiction, but not always with fairy tale endings! I have been working in the charity sector for many years, am married and have two young children. When I’m not writing, I can be found juggling school runs, packing lunch boxes, tackling the laundry mountain and walking two large dogs who stare at me until I walk them. I guess you could say I’m a multi-tasker!Amy

My debut novel ‘Bride Without a Groom’ is a laugh out loud Bridezilla comedy, and was recently be published by Avon, Harper Collins. So far, the feedback and reviews have been amazing.

Your inspiration for your writing?

I draw on personal experience when I write.  I think that the cliché of ‘write what you know’ is correct, and for me, I know about relationships, weddings and babies – so these topics tend to feature heavily! I’m a bit of a magpie, taking funny stories that have happened to myself or friends, and then using them in my work. Like I tell my friends, “be careful, or you’ll end up in one of my novels!”

Ever had or been on the receiving end of a real Bridezilla moment?

OK, confession time! ‘Bride Without A Groom’ is about a woman desperate to get married. It takes the word ‘Bridezilla’ to another level. When my long suffering husband and I were together for four years, I was quite insistent on getting married. The hints were flying around like you wouldn’t believe. I was the one accidentally-on-purpose directing him past jeweller’s windows and pointing frantically to the sparklers! Every weekend was spent at bridal showers and wedding fairs! Thankfully, I didn’t go to the extremes that Rebecca does in ‘Bride without a groom’, such as booking a honeymoon before a proposal! However, I’ll be honest and admit that I had the poor man’s head well and truly melted, so I guess you could say this is where the idea for the first novel began.

Where and when do you write?

Writing is something I find time for in a busy working-mum day. My schedule is quite strict – writing every single day is important. Flex that creative muscle as often as you can, and it will become second nature. For me, eight o’clock in the evening is writing time. The kids are asleep and the house is quiet. Sometimes, I feel that if I don’t get a funny line or a clever idea down on paper, I’ll forget it. This explains the notebooks lying about the house, in my purse, bedside locker, and glove-box of my car!

Are you a planner or a pantser?

I’m a planner. I give myself four months to thrash out a first draft, and then three months to edit. The plot and chapter plan comes first – these are the bones which are later fleshed out. If I’m trying to finish a chapter on the weekend, my husband sometimes take the kids off to the playground, and come back an hour later to find a more relaxed me! That’s why the dedication reads: “To Eoin. Sorry about all the burnt dinners, darling. As you can see, I’ve been a little busy…”

Do you do any research? If so, any sites or sources you care to share?

For ‘Bride without a Groom’, I had all the research material that I needed, having planned a wedding of my own seven years ago. For my next book ‘Does My Bump Look Big In This’ again I have plenty of material, as I have two young children!

Do you read inside your genre or out when writing? (5b. If inside, do you ever read any other genre?)

I read a lot of ‘chicklit’ such as Sophie Kinsella and Claudia Carroll, but also enjoy Khaled Houssenini and horror.

Your author heroes?

Stephen King is such an amazing author – the sheer volume of his work is staggering. I enjoyed ‘On Writing’ – part biography, part writing advice.

Thank you for joining me today – it’s been a pleasure.


You can connect with Amy via her website, Facebook and Twitter

About the book:

Single, coupled-up or married, this laugh-out-loud summer read is the perfect anecdote for the wedding season!

Rebecca has chosen the most luscious, five tiered, wedding cake. The engagement ring that she has selected is celebrity inspired. The wedding singer is on speed dial. He doesn’t usually do Michael Bolton, but as it’s for a first dance he’ll make an exception. Father Maguire is checking dates for the parish church as we speak. The deposit on the white sand honeymoon is paid for in full on Barry’s card. She has fallen for an ivory lace couture gown that is to die for. The down payment may require her to sell a left kidney, but it will be worth it. Isn’t that why you have two?

There’s one teeny tiny problem. It’s nothing, really. No need to panic! It’s just that Barry has yet to propose. Says he’s not ready! He can be a bit of a kill joy that way. In fact, he’s gone away on a business trip and says that he needs some space.

Meanwhile, Barry’s tie loosens, the Tiger beer is flowing, and his colleague Shelley is providing more than a shoulder to cry on.

Back in Dublin, Rebecca worries, putting Operation Win Back Barry into action. But who is the mysterious dark haired woman that is so keen to talk to her, and what is it that Barry wants to get off his chest?

Bride Without a Groom can be found in bookshops, on Amazon UK and Amazon.com.