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Genre: Fantasy

Stars: 5

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The Blurb:

The Team:
Joan of Arc, the armour-plated teen saint of Orleans.
Francis of Assisi, friend to all the animals whether they like it or not.
St Christopher, the patron saint of travel who by papal decree has never existed – no matter how much he argues otherwise.

The Mission: An impossible prayer has been received by Heaven and it’s a prayer that only Mary, Mother of God, can answer. Unfortunately, Mary hasn’t been seen in decades and is off wandering the Earth somewhere. This elite team of Heavenly saints are sent down to Earth to find Mary before Armageddon is unleashed on an unsuspecting world.

A breathless comedy road trip from Heaven to France and all points in-between featuring murderous butchers, a coachload of Welsh women, flying portaloos, nuclear missiles, giant rubber dragons, an army of dogs, a very rude balloon and way too much French wine.

My Review:

This was a wonderful fantasy adventure, with a good helping of cynicism and comedy.

When a prayer is received by Heaven from a soul that doesn’t exist, a group of saints is sent to Earth to investigate. What ensues is a hilarious series of mishaps and coincidences, peppered with drink, lust, misunderstandings, love, misplaced trust, unexpected friendships and misguided ideologies.

A great read in the vein of Good Omens. Recommended.

*I received a free copy of this book from THE Book Club in return for my honest review.