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I am delighted to welcome Jack Jordan to the blog today. Jack Jordan’s ‘Anything for Her’ (read my review here) has been steadily climbing up the charts in recent weeks. I was lucky enough to nab an interview…


Welcome, Jack. Tell us a little bit about you.

I’m an introvert disguised as an extrovert, an intelligent person who can say very unintelligent things, and a self-confessed bibliomaniac with more books than sense.

By day, I am an Internal Communications Officer and Junior Copywriter, and by night, I am a writer of dark, gritty fiction that even keeps me awake at night (should I really be scaring myself?).

Your inspiration for Anything for Her?

The bond between a mother and her child is unbreakable, and the love is unconditional. Most mothers will tell you that they would do anything to protect their child. When coming up with the plot for AFH, I wanted to explore just how far a mother would go to protect her child, and at what cost.

Anything for Her is DARK. Can we expect more of that from your next book?

Absolutely. I like to write fiction that shocks people, just as much as I love reading books that do the same. I remember stories that kept me up at night and terrified me to my core – I want my readers to remember my work, my stories, and hopefully have them running back for more (hopefully not away in fear!).

My next novel, My Girl, will be released in 2016.

Where and when do you write?

Anywhere, anytime! I write at home, on trains, on planes – anywhere that will permit! If I don’t have the time, I find the time. I am most happy when I’m writing, so I’ll happily sacrifice sleep, socialising, and reading time to make sure it comes first.

Are you a planner or a pantser?

I’m a planner, through and through. If I don’t have an idea of where I’m going, I get scared and shut down. I write notes for a plot, then flesh it out with scenes, write up summaries for each and every chapter, before I even begin writing the first draft of any book. Once I have a solid plan of where the story is going, I sit down and let the writing flow. Scenes and chapters always change, but I prefer having a foundation to work from, rather than a terrifying blank canvas.

Do you do any research? If so, any sites or sources you care to share?

I do. The area I research the most is police procedure. I get all of my answers by finding policies and procedures manuals/handbooks archived on the Internet – it’s all public information, you just have to find it!

Do you read inside your genre or out when writing?

I read a variety of genres. I tend to go through phases: from thrillers to classics, from literary fiction to non-fiction, and sometimes mix and match. I also love finding sub-genres to try. All genres inspire me in very different ways. I’d hate to restrict myself to one particular genre.

Your author heroes?

I really like Margaret Atwood – she writes what she likes, and doesn’t stick to a genre, something that is pretty much forbidden nowadays. One minute she is writing about dystopian worlds, and the next she is writing a part-fiction, part-factual memoir of a notorious murderess from nineteenth century Canada. I hope to be able to write what I like without being restricted, too.

Thank you, Jack, for joining us today.

You can connect with Jack on Goodreads, Facebook, and Twitter.

‘Anything for Her’ is available on Amazon UK and Amazon.com.