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Genre: Psychological thriller

Stars: 4

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The Blurb:

You find your neighbour dead in his bath.
Your son is with you. He sees everything.

You discover your wife has been in the man’s house.
It seems she knew him.

Now the police need to speak to you.

One night turns Alex Mercer’s life upside down. He loves his family and he wants to protect them, but there is too much he doesn’t know.

He doesn’t know how the cracks in his and Millicent’s marriage have affected their son, Max. Or how Millicent’s bracelet came to be under the neighbour’s bed. He doesn’t know how to be a father to Max when his own world is shattering into pieces.

Then the murder investigation begins…

My Review:

This is a chilling psychological thriller on couple and family dynamics.

Alex, tailed by his eleven year-old son, Max, finds the body of his next-door neighbour. Alex tries to protect his son. But then Alex realises his wife’s relationship with the neighbour was more complex than he realised. And so the nightmare begins…

It takes great skill to create despicable characters that are both believable and care-inspiring, and the author has managed to do this aplenty. At times shocking, at others haunting, this is the story of inflicting damage, of relationships and of parenthood, told through secrets and intrigue. Chilling.

*I won a copy of this book in a giveaway. This is my honest review