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It’s that time of year – the time to construct the ‘best of’ books I’ve read this year. I tried, and failed to construct a top ten. So here’s my top fourteen…

(Buy links for UK are on the book title and for US on the author name.)

girl in the dark TCR STST

Girl in the DarkAnna LyndseyA beautifully written memoir of one woman’s battle with the light.

The Corpse RoleKeith NixonHighly original, Fast-paced, tightly-plotted, page-turning crime.

Sewing the shadows togetherAlison BaillieAgatha Christie-esque crime writing set in a modern world.


Escape to PerditionJames SilvesterDripping with intrigue, history, politics and culture, this is conspiracy at its best.

You think you know meClare Chase: Pacy intrigue, romance and suspense expertly woven together.

BedlamBA Morton: Twisted crime/ mystery/ psychological suspense/ thriller story with sprinkles of literary and coming-of-age.


GodsquadHeide Goody and Iain Grant: Wonderful fantasy adventure, with a good helping of cynicism and comedy.

Paradise CityCJ Duggan : Coming-of-age with a healthy dose of realism in surf-mad Eastern Australia.

A Carpet of Purple Flowers Tracey-anne McCartney Intricately-imagined fantasy, suspenseful action, and a lot of well-crafted drama.

six lies SosAssume Nothing

Six LiesBen Adams: Fresh, poignant, and witty contemporary fiction with healthy doses of drama and romance.

The Summer of SecretsSarah Jasmon: Flawed characters, twists and unexpected revelations. Poignant, moving and stunning.

Assume Nothing, Believe Nobody, Challenge EverythingMike Craven: Collection of fast-paced, interlinked short crime stories.

TC                                  CQB

Too CharmingKathryn Freeman: With dashes of wit, introspection and crime, this is a tale of finding love in the most unlikely of places.

Confessions of a Queen B*Crista McHugh: Fresh take on highschool romance, with realistically witty dialogue and great writing.