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So, yes, it was Valentine’s Day yesterday. One of those strange commercial days which are set up for disappointment: Single?  You’ll just be reminded of your singleness ALL day. In a relationship? Good luck with having it live up to your expectations (I’m still waiting for the hubby to remember it IS Valentine’s Day, and I’m probably going to be waiting a few years…).

But, commercialism sold as romance aside, love IS inspirational. The best songs, novels, movies stories, are all about love in some form: searching for it, finding it, losing it, burning it, having it unrequited.


Love. Four letters, so much power. So use it. And no, I’m not suggesting you write romantic novels if they’re not your thing. Crime novels often show the dark sides of love: lust, revenge, depression.

So my thought for the day is this. Write about love, but look at it from a different perspective. A romance writer? Look at the dark side of love. A crime writer? Look at the soft and fuzzy side of human nature. A young adult author? Look at the hardness that comes with love in adulthood. A writer for adults? Look at the innocence of first love.

Go on, be a romantic!