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On Saturday, I had the great pleasure of attending the Annual Bloggers Bash 2016 – an awards event celebrating bloggers.


The day started with a very exciting get-together with some of the other members of the wonderful Rosie Amber’s Book Review team (#RBRT) for a bookish erm lunch, which, of course, had to start at Platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross (it would be rude not to, wouldn’t it?)

After doing our best to embarrass ourselves (and each other), we did have a wonderful lunch…


…with our group, which consisted of our fearless leader, Rosie, Shelley Wilson, Alison Williams, Barb Taub, and myself.

We then made it to the awards, and were delighted when Rosie Amber came 2nd in the Best Book Review category. Congratulations to Linda Hill, another of my favourite book bloggers, who won this category.

More excitement followed as a few brilliant book bloggers, whose blogs I enjoy immensely, won awards for Best Newcomer (Noelle at CrimeBookJunkie), Services to Bloggers (Sarah Hardy at bytheletterbookreviews), Best Pal (Anne Williams) and, of course, Most Inspirational Blogger (fellow #RBRT member (and author) Shelley Wilson).

A number of runners-up were also from my list of great blogs, including Terry Tyler, Anne Cater, and Jenny in Neverland. I’ll shut up now, and you can read a full list of the nominees and winners here.


There was also a very interesting workshop by Luca Sartoni, Growthketeer at Automatic, about the interactions between blogs and social media, how the reasons for blogging affect how bloggers should use social media, and the future of blogging.


The day was a great one and it was wonderful meeting people that inspire (in my case, my reading) outside the usual virtual setting (and seeing that they are, in fact, real), but also meeting new-to-me interesting bloggers.

Many thanks and congratulations to Sacha Black and the committee (Geoff Le Pard, Ali Isaac, and Hugh Roberts) for the fabulous day and awards. Here’s to next year!