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Chasing Ghosts

Genre: Suspense, thriller

Stars: 4

Links: Amazon UK and Amazon US


The Blurb:

Mathew Tobias Alexander has a past. A troubled past. A past he has chosen to hide.
So the disappearance of his girlfriend following a vicious argument, cause him all kinds of dilemmas.

While he battles to keep his secrets hidden the appearance of a mysterious Stalker, and Detective Jack Buchan, who is grappling with his own personal demons, add to his woes.

Will they also be Toby’s undoing?


My Review:

A suspenseful and twisty novel, this is a dark and absorbing read.

When Toby wakes up with a hangover and no recollection of the previous night to find his girlfriend missing and blood on the kitchen floor, he is concerned. Because Toby has a past, and it may be catching up with him…

The pace was relentless, the story wonderfully plotted, and the writing was sharp. If you like them fast and twisty, this is one for you.

*I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.