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Genre: Romance, Contemporary Fiction, New Adult

Stars: 4

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The Blurb:

Johnny Moretti, bassist of American rock band The Dead Hour, is hot, single and in demand with women, but he’s becoming disillusioned with the rock star lifestyle. Not that he wants to settle down like his band mate, Jed. Hell, no. He just wants something more out of life than meaningless hook-ups.

While filming for a popular UK chat show, he meets American TV actress Darcy Swanson for the second time. As with the first time they met, there’s no love lost between them so when their lives are thrown together unexpectedly when a traumatic incident involving movie superstar Jack Ford occurs, neither knows quite how to handle it.

With Johnny facing prison and Darcy’s hard-earned career in serious jeopardy, they both need to confront their pasts and face up to the truth, but are they be brave enough to do it?

A web of Hollywood cover-ups begins to surface, but will Johnny and Darcy be the first spark to light the fire and run the risk of getting seriously burnt or will they stay silent and suffer the consequences?


My Review:

A romance between a rising rock star and a falling starlet, this was an easy, romantic read.

When Johnny, bassist for the up-and-coming ‘Dead Hour’, meets actress Darcy Swanson for the second time, he’s determined to ignore her after she cold-shouldered him the last time they met. But when he saves Darcy from a nasty situation, both their lives and feelings for each other are exposed…

The writing was sharp and the pace good, and I wanted to keep reading to find out what happens next. The feminist theme that acted as an undercurrent to the story was strong without being overbearing, and the dilemmas faced by the protagonists realistic. The romance, too, was believable, although the ending felt a little rushed. All in all, a good romantic read.

*I received a free copy from the publisher, via NetGalley, in exchange for my honest review.