My debut novel, Lost in Static, was launched into the world two weeks ago, and it’s been a whirlwind of chaos. I now, finally, have some time to relax. And breathe. And try take it all in.


So how has the journey gone? Well…

Step 1 – The Launch. It was a lovely affair, with some booze (of course) and books and supportive guests and my wonderful publisher (whom I predictably forgot to thank in my speech), Matthew at Urbane Publications. And did I mention books? All lovingly set up and looking beautiful. Sigh. You can read blogger Rosie Amber’s write-up of the night here.


Step 2 – Reviews. I was terrified about this. If my book was not up to scratch, reviewers would definitely tell me and, more importantly, the world about how rubbish they thought Lost in Static was. I had nightmares of poor reviews piling in… which has, as yet, not materialised. Instead, I had amazing comments, which I will not bore you with but can be summarised (by me) as ‘engrossing, with distinctive but really immature and annoying characters that I (mainly) disliked but couldn’t help wanting to know more about…’. But don’t take my word for it: take that of bloggers Brew and Books ReviewBytheletterbookreviews, Mrs Bloggs Books, Chat About Books, and BiblioManiac

And if you have read Lost in Static, please do consider leaving a review… Yes, even a bad one!


Step 3 – The blog tour. I was even more terrified about this, I have to admit. I know bloggers are a friendly bunch, but they are a friendly bunch with a lot of integrity so my book was not up to scratch … Yup, you got it. Although at least I knew they would rubbish it with tact. Thankfully, there was none of that. So I’d like to take a moment to thank the amazing bloggers that took part in my blog tour. You can read their posts below:


Step 4 – The beyond. Now what? Wait and see. And maybe take that deep breath. And reflect. And enjoy it.