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I am delighted very pleased to be sharing my review as part of the blog tour for The Adventures and Austin the Cornis Miner: The Morgawr and the Bad Knockers by Karen Hoyle.


Genre: Children’s, adventure

Stars: 4

Links: Amazon UK and Amazon US

The Blurb:

Austin The Cornish Miner embarks on an adventure taking him underground, through dangerous tunnels and out to sea. New friends emerge in the shape of sea serpents and Austin finds himself in a race to save the lives of his magical friends underground. Enjoy the ride as the Cornish coast provides more adventure and magic that children and adults alike will enjoy and remember.


My Review:

An enjoyable children’s adventure with inviting pictures and lessons aplenty, this is a fun read for all the family.

The second book in the Austin the Cornish Miner series, this charts Austin’s adventure with, unsurprisingly given the title of the book, the bad Knockers …

The writing and plot wove together a lovely mix of folklore and strong regional identity, and an important message was conveyed. The setting was also very vividly brought to life, more than one normally gets with children’s books. The story itself is aimed at children reading on their own or being read to, and it managed to retain the attention of my young audience while raising the occasional smile to my lips too. Enjoy it!

Thank you to the author and Authoright for a copy of the book.


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