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I am delighted to be taking part in the blog tour for Zak and Jen’s Astronomical Adventures: Tinsel Town as I absolutely loved the first in the series (read my review here). Alongside a book review, I have some special Christmasy guest posts from the author and illustrator, and a giveaway of a copy of the book.


Genre: Children’s

Stars: 5

Buy it here.


The Blurb:

Zak flew to Jen’s planet and giggled with glee, he was so excited for what they might see…

Best friends Zak and Jen are off on a Christmas adventure with their special umbrellas. This time, the pair fly to a new planet, but where is everybody? Enjoy the magic as Zak and Jen make some new festive friends and discover how important it is to make the most of every day.


My Review:

Gorgeous illustrations, flowing rhyme, and a wonderful story – this is a lovely book to curl up with with the children.

When Zak and Jen set off on another of their adventures, they find themselves in Tinsel Town. But where is everyone on this beautifully decorated planet?

My children were enthralled from start to finish (and silent enthusiasm is a major achievement in our house), as the rhymes and story bounced along. Beautiful, rich, and fun – what more can you ask for? Highly recommended.


A typical Christmas for Chris

Christmas for me now is a completely different thing to what it’s been for the past 15-20 years of my life! I’ve got twin girls who will nearly be 1 and a half around xmas time so I predicting the next few years will be brilliant aswell as total choas:)!

For the previous 10 years christmas has always been a welcome rest time at home from my usual full time career as a touring rock musician, everyone can relate to the feeling of a welcome break at christmas after a year doing what ever work you do! I spent a lot of time abroad so it was nice to have the break and see family and friends without worrying about checking emails etc!

Each Christmas me and my wife jen usually have christmas day it at one of our parents house, this year it’s the turn of my parents! Xmas dinner is what I can’t wait for, I love it! Boxing day is cool aswell to watch the football at home with my dad and brothers who I dont see to often! I can’t wait to spend a second xmas with Jen and our girls, we’ve only got them a few things from santa but I know their going to love what we’ve got them!


Natalie’s Christmas and New Year’s pledges:

As you know, every book we create aims to have a subtle moral message. I try really hard to live by these and each year I make myself some promises that I hope to try and see through the upcoming 12 months.

This year my Christmas and New Year’s pledges are as follows:

1) To spend as much quality time with my family as possible (both my daughter and husband and our extended families) – we have suffered some bereavements this year and it has only reinforced to me how short life can be.

2) To make sure I do at least one thing for charity next year (aside from just giving donations which are also great!). This year, my sister did a sponsored sky dive in aid of Diabetes UK and I could not be more proud of her. She raised a huge amount of money and I am in awe of her bravery!

3) To continue to follow my ‘ Just Because’ principle. It is so easy these days for me (and my friends) to get so caught up in our own lives that months simply fly by before we realise we haven’t spoken. I try really hard to keep up with what is happening in everyone’s lives, and thanks to Facebook, I know my friends well enough to know when they are having a tough time or simply need a little lift. I started doing this thing about a year ago where I would send small gifts or letters to friends either when I saw something that reminded me of them, or when I felt that they would really benefit from knowing that I cared. I don’t expect them to do it for me, I just like doing it and as someone who has experienced several very low points in my life I know how much I valued those that were there for me. As someone once told me, be that ray of sunshine, when all they expect is rain.



There’s a giveaway for a copy of Zak and Jen’s Astronomical Adventures: Tinsel Town and you can enter here: a Rafflecopter giveaway