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Genre: Steampunk, adventure, coming-of-age, young adult

Stars: 4

Links: Amazon UK and Amazon US


The Blurb:

Rory is a seven-year-old starveling, carving out a survival for herself down on the docks of Damsport. When Daria, an older girl and talented pickpocket, suggests they team up to con Damsians out of their purses, Rory accepts at once.

But Rory’s friendship with Daria turns out to be much more than a partnership of convenience, transforming her into the confident urchin we met in The Bloodless Assassin, and teaching her the dangers of letting someone get too close.


My Review:

Adventure, harsh life lessons, and coming-of-age, this is a gritty and pacy novella.

Rory, aged seven, is trying to survive in deadly conditions on the docks of Damsport when she meets Daria, a potential poartner in crime. As the two work together to con citizens, they also grow close, and Rory realises that, despite her confidence and swagger, Daria is also struggling to survive…

As a fan of The Viper and The Urchin series, I was very excited to read this book, and it didn’t disappoint. With pacy writing, great but not overbearing setting, and a tight plot, this was a great addition to the steampunk set. While the author recommends that readers first read The Bloodless Assassin, I think this works fine as a standalone novella. Recommended.

*Thank you to the author for providing me with an ARC of the book