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I’m very pleased to kick off the Mystery Thriller Week blog tour with a question and answer post from author cj petterson. Over to cj…


cj Sez: I thought it might be interesting if Lilly Malmstrom, one of the characters in my latest short story, “Bad Day at Round Rock” did my interview. She’s fresh from Sweden, but I think I can understand her through her accent because I’m Swedish, too.  Okay, Lilly, Ask away.


Lilly: Tell us about your latest proyeck, cj.

cj Sez:  My latest project ? I’m currently plodding my way through my first real mystery. The novella is about Jake Konner, a transplanted Yankee now living in the history-conscious Southern city of Mobile, Alabama (kind of like me). Jake is a newly minted private detective working for a man accused of hiring someone to murder his beautiful socialite wife. I promised myself I’d get it done and off to a beta reader by the end of the year, but I missed by a few days.

What I’m really excited about right now is the upcoming launch in mid-February 2017 of The Posse, an anthology of Western human interest, short stories that includes my historical fiction “Bad Day at Round Rock.” The Posse is not your average shoot-em-up Western anthology, and “Bad Day” is not your average Western story, but you know that, Lilly. You’re in it. “Bad Day” is about history, mystery, myth, greed, and love, all rolled up into one short story.


Lilly: Vy du you write? Vot inspires you? 

cj Sez:  What inspires me to write is the music of words. (Note the name of my blog: Lyrical Pens.)  Semantics fascinate me. I’m happy when I’ve been able to write a sentence that leads the reader to “see” what I see when I write. I write visually, as though I am watching a movie.


Lilly: Do you have a favorite awtur, und iv you had to choose, who had de gradest influence on your writing?

cj Sez:  My favorite author is Robert B. Parker. He’s also the author who had the greatest influence on me, because I enjoy his use of “showing” and lots of dialogue to tell his stories.


Lilly: Tank you, cj, for taking time to answer my questions. Good luck vit your stories.

cj Sez:  Thank you for the interview and your good wishes. Stop by my Facebook page and Lyrical Pens blog to learn more about me and my journey as an author (click on the links below).



Thank you, cj, for joining us today.


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Coming in mid-February 2017—“Bad Day at Round Rock” a short story in The Posse, a Western anthology of tales of action, romance, myth and truth.