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I am very pleased to be hosting the next leg og the Mystery Thriller Week blog tour. Today, I have author Miriam A. Averna with a guest post, the author of No Cure for Fear, a gritty, medical thriller that asks the question: can anyone be truly altruistic?


No Cure For Fear

Eddy Miller, a local graffiti artist and cocaine dealer, has only one goal – to save enough money for his terminally ill sister’s care. When a blast from his past, Ralph, makes him an offer he can’t refuse, he ignores his gut feeling and takes on a dubious medical trial. This, in exchange for a chance to keep all the profits from the sale of a synthetic type of cocaine. But when things start going wrong, will Eddy care enough to put a stop to the trial? And what really lies behind the secretive medical firm producing these drugs?


Character bio

Novel:  No Cure for Fear

Role: Antagonist

Name:  Ralph Cookes

Age: 23 years old

Occupation: Biomedical Assistant

Family members/significant others: brother Loz whom he despises and pet hamster Karl.

Personality traits: Arrogant, insecure, devious.

Physical traits: brown hair, dorky, wears glasses – a mix between Harry Potter and Waldo (aka Wally in the UK)

Biggest motivator: Success and gaining his parents’ approval

Biggest fear: letting his parents down and them never being proud of him

Likes: Biomedicine, mint tea, hamsters, Sudoku, being right

Dislikes: Generally other people, especially ones he considers lower than him in class, his lab partner’s eating habits.


Find out more about Ralph and the other characters by reading the book!


No Cure for Fear is currently on Amazon for only $£.99 or free on Kindle Unlimited.


You can connect with Miriam on GoodreadsTwitter, and Facebook.