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Genre: Romantic fiction

Stars: 4

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The Blurb:

It’s never too late to believe in fairy tales …

Eloise Blake has been fascinated by Prospect House, the shadowy romantic Gothic house opposite, ever since she moved to the village of Hookfield.

When its new owner turns out to be best-selling crime author, Ross Farrell, whose work is grounded in gritty reality rather than happy endings, Eloise is determined to concentrate on her tapestry design business and her rescue dog, Gracie.

She’s already given up on knights in shining armour and happy ever afters. Love, she thinks, is only true in fairy tales – even when Ross keeps appearing just when she needs help most. But is he the Prince Charming she thought didn’t exist – or is he a beast in disguise?


My Review:

Charming, heart-warming, and yet with a good dose of realism, this is a fairy tale of modern life.

Eloise is squirelled away in a village with her faithful companion, rescue dog, Gracie, and happy to be standing on her own two feet. But when she meets the owner of the gothic house opposite, an author of gritty crime fiction, she starts to question why getting rescued doesn’t feel so bad…

The writing was fluid and the story dripping with undertones of the pain of modern life. The characterisation was strong throughout the cast, and the scenes pragmatic. In fact, realism formed the backbone of the entire story, making the romance all the more heart-warming for it. This novella packed quite a punch within its pages. Recommended.