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Genre: Young children’s

Stars: 4

Links: Amazon UKAmazon US, and Waterstones.


The Blurb:

Meet Ching who lives in a tiny wooden hut in China. One day her desperate grandmother sends Ching to sell the family’s teardrop diamond ring so they can buy food. Along the way Ching swaps the ring for a dish, but this is no ordinary dish! Perhaps wishes can come true?


My Review:

A compelling story for young ones (3-5), this is a sweet read.

Ching, living with her grandma in China, is given a precious gem to sell, but instead exchanges it for a wishing dish. And that’s when the magic starts…

The characters are very realistic, and the pictures great (and I read mine to the children on the kindle). The story made me smile, gasp, and cry in it’s few pages, so a feat in itself. A nice, sweet fairy tale to share with little ones. Enjoy!