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Genre: Romantic fiction, coming-of-age, new adult, campus literature

Stars: 4

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The Blurb:

It’s war….

Matt and Annika have History. When they first met *(&*@# hit the fan. Now a year later, they’ve both landed in a pilot class for students in trouble and sparks are still flying….

Because Matt thinks Annika is a snarky, mean-spirited, bitter, vengeful—albeit beautiful—bitch. And Annika thinks Matt is a phony, lying, untrustworthy, too smooth—albeit super-hot—jerk. When they are forced to work together can they untangle the mess of their past and pull off a do-over?


My Review:

Raw yet entertaining, this campus read story had that wonderful blend of angst, misunderstandings, and romance.

Matt and Annika have a very bad history, where one night of flirting ended in a horror they’d both rather forget. So when they are paired together in a class for students in trouble, both are adversely opposed to the idea, with constant fighting and nastiness on both sides. But as they take their assignment seriously, the misunderstandings of the past reveal themselves and both Matt and Anni are left wondering if they might actually belong together after all.

The writing was fluid, the plot engaging, and the characters well-rounded and relatable. But it was the comedy dialogue and the culture clashes between the two protagonists that really made the book. With deeper elements of blending in versus being true to oneself, naivety, and facing the consequences of your actions , this is well worth a read. Recommended.

*Thank you to the author for my review copy via the New Adult Book Club.