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Genre: Coming-of-age, romantic fiction, YA

Stars: 4

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The Blurb:

I like Kassidy Milton. There, I said it. She’s funny, beautiful—even though she doesn’t know it—and my favorite kind of weird. But I can’t tell if she’s into me or just trying to get close to me for a chance with my famous twin brother instead. I mean, it has to be me. I am the better-looking one.

But Kassidy has some demons, and she’s not good at letting people in. That happens when you’ve been hurt by someone close to you. I can relate. Trust is a funny thing; it’s hard to gain but easy to lose. I might just learn that the hard way.


My Review:

Sweet, romantic mystery, and a page-turner to boot, this coming-of-age story was very well-told.

Kassidy is battling demons, so she changes school and starts to act “out of character”. At a concert, she meets Archer Devlin, pop star Ross’s twin brother. When she doesn’t “recognise” him as his brother, they strike up a friendship that soon becomes something deeper. But Archer is also battling demons, and it doesn’t take long for the two to collide…

The writing was fresh – alternating between Kassidy’s story being narrated in prose and Archer’s side told through texts/ social media posts – and done well, keeping my on my toes but also ensuring that I kept tearing through the book. The romance was sweet, but it was the mystery and coming-of-age elements that elevated this book. Recommended!

*Thank you to the publisher for my free review copy via NetGalley.