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Walter Brown

Genre: Children’s, adventure, fantasy

Stars: 4

Links: Amazon UK and Amazon US


The Blurb:

A boy, a magic top hat and a talking cat spell magical mayhem for ages 7-10!

When Walter Brown is woken on his 10th birthday by his cat Sixpence he has no idea that his life is about to change forever. A large present wrapped in silver paper reveals an old top hat, a tiny pair of white gloves and a magician’s wand – together with a mysterious note from his late Great-grandpa Horace.

But Walter gets the biggest surprise when he puts the top hat on and discovers that his cat has special powers and they’ve been chosen for a secret mission. What better place to start practising magic, they decide, than on Walter’s super-cool new neighbours, twins Harry and George Braithwaite? But magical mayhem follows when Walter accidentally sets free monsters from their new video game and finds himself locked in battle with a Fire Fiend that’s threatening to burn his house down…


My Review:

Magical mayhem? Check. An inspiring young protagonist? Check. A plot to keep the children entertained? Check. Do I need to go on? Thought not.

Walter Brown is in for a surprise when he dons his 10th birthday present – a very special top hat. What follows is an adventure of a lifetime, with magic, monsters, friends, and enemies galore…

With beautifully written prose that bounces along the page, this is delightful, fun, and entertaining fiction. My children enjoyed the story immensely (as did I!) and there were many points for discussion too. Recommended!


*Thank you to the author for my free review copy via TBConFB.