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Genre: Children’s, adventure, fantasy

Stars: 4

Links: Amazon UK and Amazon US


The Blurb:

As a ‘hupyre’ (half human and half vampire) Vlad isn’t welcome on either side. He’s eleven, asthmatic, vegetarian, scared of the dark and can’t turn into a bat, but those problems he can cope with. The evil relatives who have invaded and taken over his castle are another matter altogether. With a heart bursting with courage and determination, Vlad faces perilous adventure to save the inhabitants of Malign Village.


My Review:

This children’s adventure is an easy read, with a likeable half-breed vampire battling against evil.

Vlad is half-human and half-vampire, and all this means in practice is that most hate him for not belonging to either faction. But when his parents go missing and his nasty vampire relatives come to stay to “look after him” (i.e. torture him until he gives up the family secret treasure which he doesn’t know about), he sets off on an adventure of a lifetime…

Well-written, pacy, and fun, this is great children’s fiction. Be warned though – this is clearly the first book in a series and does not end in a clearly resolved storyline. But an enjoyable read, with the right doses of good-versus-evil and adventure. Recommended.

*Thank you to the author for my free review copy via TBC.