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Genre: Non-fiction, memoir, sport

Stars: 4



The Blurb

This is the action packed story of a female racing driver and stuntwoman who lives life on the edge and enjoys every extreme moment of it… A thrill-seeker by day and glamorous showgirl by night, Sarah Donohue believes in living out her dreams and living life to the full bringing colour and laughter to the lives of everyone around her.

Even after a high-speed powerboat crash putting her on a life-support machine, Sarah didn’t let dying for four minutes or a face held together by titanium plates dampen her spirits. The crash was documented as one of the worst crashes seen in powerboat racings history yet Sarah returned back to racing with BBC’s ‘999’ and ‘Ripley’s Believe It or Not’ hiring her as the stuntwoman to re-enact her own near fatal experience. Soon after she became the European powerboat champion. Her journey of triumph over adversity is both inspiring and extreme.

This story of life will take the reader through a roller coaster of emotions as Sarah experiences the highest of highs on podium tops to the lowest of lows as she suffers jealous cyber abusers. The funny stories recalled as a forces pinup and staunch supporter of the military through to the not so funny story of Sarah enduring Donald Trump, the now president of the United States of America and his legal team for almost four years.

This feisty girl from Yorkshire loves life and puts as much into it as she can whilst taking anything it throws back at her remaining positive and up beat. This shows that even the impossible can be made possible with the right attitude no matter who you are or where you come from. A motivational, funny and inspirational book showing one woman’s journey on taking on any challenge head to head and her world-renowned success in the male dominated sport of offshore powerboat racing. Even death becomes her.

World Is Never Enough

My Review

Humour, sport, adversity, and the best and worst of human nature all playing out within the pages of one book…

The story of Sarah Donohue that includes death (her own, but luckily for us (and her), she comes back), racing, and bullying, all laced with doses of high octane comedy.

Well-written and well-crafted, the emotional turmoil that this book brought cannot be overstated – one moment I was laughing so hard I thought I had wet myself, the next I was yelling abuse at the abuse being suffered by the author. Poignant, interesting, comic, and serious, this is a tale of constant adversity in the name of living life to the full. Recommended


About the Author

Born  and  raised  in  Saddleworth,  Yorkshire  born  Sarah  Donohue  has  enjoyed  over  twenty  five  years  competing  as  a  powerboat  racer,  and  is  currently  the  most  successful  female  competitor  within  the  sport.  She’ll  be  returning  to  race  again  this  year  in  the  US  and  Hong  Kong  as  the  face  of  the  Asia  Powerboat  Series.  As  well  as  racing,  Sarah  is  a  qualified  personal  trainer,  international  Tri-Fitness  champion  and,  between  the  years  of  2011-2017,  created  and  ran  the  annual  Miss  Galaxy  Universe  fitness  competitions  in  the  UK.

Website: http://www.sarahdonohue.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/sarah_donohue

Instagram: http://instagram.com/fastsarah