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It’s World Cup final day and warming up with a book on the subject…


Genre: Sport, nonfiction

Stars: 4

Links: Amazon UK and Amazon US


The Blurb:

This book makes a convincing case for not travelling to Russia for the World Cup, but rather staying at home and reading all about it.

It dissects the qualifying campaign and groups, and also has a history of the World Cup with some surprising facts. Then there’s a complete list of fixtures which has already printed England in the final to save you a bit of time. It even looks forward to Qatar 2022 and suggests it might not be so bad after all.

Written by the football enthusiasts who brought you The Premier League : 25 Years and Euro 2016, it has enough facts to inform, enough laughs to impress even Sir Alex, and the answers to many questions, some of which you may even want to know the answers to, including:

Why do Germany wear 4 stars on their shirts even though a country of that name has only won the World Cup once?

Is Eduard Streltsov the best footballer you’ve never heard of?

What naughty thing will Suarez do this time?

Which team has the best kit?

Which team went out at the last 16 stage of the last 5 consecutive World Cups?

So settle back and enjoy the ultimate guide to the World Cop 2018 – perfect for every football fan!


My Review:

The beauty of this book is how seriously it takes itself. Or not. With player anagrams, word on the street, and songs to sing in the fun zone, there is a generally fun feel to the whole thing.

But it’s not all wit and banter (although there are ample doses of this too). The history section, while written in the same jovial manner, is genuinely interesting, and applicable way after the world cup is done, dusted, and we’re warming up for Qatar four years later (OK, technically four and a half due to the change in scheduling, but you know what I mean).

To summarise: comedy, banter, lots of fascinating facts, and brilliant fun all round. I’m sure Gareth would approve. Recommended!