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Genre: Picture Book

Publisher: Clink Street Publishing

Stars: 4

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The Blurb:

Tommy Twigtree and his friends enjoy peace and harmony in their garden.

That is until Robbie Rabbit and his Bandits decide that carrots are on the menu!

Tommy Twigtree And The Carrot Crunchers is the first book for children by Michael Firman.

Illustrations are by Nick Roberts.

Tommy Twigtree and the Carrot Crunchers

My Review:

Fun, cute, with easy-to-read but punchy lines, this is one of those children’s books for young ones that works as both a read-to-them and have-them-read-it-by-themselves.

When the carrot crunchers invade the patch and start eating their new carrots, Tommy Twigtree and his friends set out to stop them.

The writing was fluid without being overwhelming, the rhythm was great, and the story fun. A good tale for little ones. Recommended.

Michael Firman

About the author:

Michael lives in rural Sussex with his wife. His story telling started when his eldest grandchild was old enough to appreciate a bedtime tale. Rather than read to her he began to craft stories about the trees, plants and animals that live in his garden. As time passed and a second grandchild also enjoyed these tales of adventure and daring, the stories began to create a whole world that lived and went about its business right in his garden.

His grand kids, Poppy and Rudi continue to enjoy further developments in the lives of the characters that populate these stories and Tommy Twigtree and The Carrot Crunchers is the first in a series charming garden tales.