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Genre: Young adult, contemporary fiction, romantic fiction

Stars: 4

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The Blurb:

Alicea Springer was Boyfriend Whisperer Enterprises’ top success story. That is, until her dream date, Ty Walker, dumped her a week before prom. Now it’s senior year, and Alicea has taken over the business and given it an upgrade with an automated matchmaking program she designed and nicknamed Libby, short for LIBACA, which is short for “Love is But a Click Away.”

Alicea has no interest in using the program herself. She already knows who her perfect match is … Ty. She doesn’t need an app to tell her that (or worse, match her up with someone else). In a moment of weakness, Alicea allows her friends to convince her to give Libby a try. To her horror, it matches her with the last boy on earth she’d ever want to date–Darius Groves, the class deadbeat.

When she and Darius are paired up for a class project, Alicia learns there’s more to him than his bad reputation. But the more she spends time with Darius, the more she questions their match. They have so little in common. Can Alicea defy the odds and make a match of her own heart’s desire? Or will the matchmaker remained unmatched?


My Review:

Strong characters, a good dose of teenage angst, and a sprinkling of comedy makes for one enjoyable YA romance.

Alicea likes order. Darius does not. Alicea likes science. Darius likes art. Alicea likes perfection. Darius likes chaos. Alicea wants to get back together with Ty. But Darius pops up as her match on her automated matchmaking program, and Libby is never wrong… is she?

The blinkered world view that the character Alicea presents to the world is so refreshing. She is focused but distracted by little things, confident in her ability but insecure in herself. In short, she is very human and the characterisation was great.  And with dollops of humour and awkwardness, this was a fun YA read. Recommended.